Meet Your Extended Team

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic is a proud member of the Highland Primary Care Network.

"The primary focus of the Highland PCN is supporting the patients' Medical Home, the place where patients should feel the most comfortable coming for all their health needs throughout their lifetime. "
Direct Patient Benefits of
Highland Primary Care Network

Free access to the following team members:

Nurse educators (available in our clinic)

Social workers (available in our clinic)


Free access to the following programs:

Nest Maternity

Chronic Pain Clinic

Airdrie Teen and Young Adult Clinic

Prescription to Get Active

Courses and Classes


Ask for a referral to access any of these team members or programs.

Indirect Patient Benefits of
Highland Primary Care Network

Highland Primary Care Network (HPCN) helps Snowy Owl Medical Clinic optimize healthcare for our patients. Behind the scenes, HPCN helps us improve healthcare methods with the most up-to-date medical knowledge, and they assist us in implementing the medical home model of care. HPCN’s services include helping us screen patients (detecting illnesses that do not yet show symptoms), comparing the health of our patients to other Albertans, and much more. At Snowy Owl Medical Clinic, we use this information to ensure our patients receive excellent, compassionate, and up-to-date medical care.

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