Family Physician

Immediate Opening Available

October 2021

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic, located in the town of Carstairs, just north of Calgary, has an immediate opening available for a full-time family physician.

Carstairs is one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta. Work hard, be supported, and take home more money. Join an excellent clinic in a great town!

Our Clinic Values

A Culture of Patient Care

Integrity in Everything

Efficiency Matters

Patients are our job. Work at a clinic where you know your team is dedicated to providing quality and timely care.

We don't take shortcuts. We do things right the first time. We know that solid business relationships translate to long-term sustainability.

A 10% decrease in efficiency is a 10% decrease in your earning potential. Our clinic is set up to make the most of your time. Inquire for details.

The Right Location

Flexibility for Your Life

We have high patient demand, a friendly small-town feel, beautiful views, and affordable living. At the same time, Calgary is only a 30-minute drive away.

Physicians have families, personal health concerns, maternity leaves, and more. We understand and will support you through it.

Come see for yourself why we are one of the best clinics in the province!

Reach out to us at 403-807-8864 or email us at

Clinic Details

Diversity of Practice
Patient Demand
Welcoming Work Place
Efficiency Minded

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic has a

competitive overhead rate

and an

 efficient workplace

to maximize your earning potential

Overhead Rate

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic offers a highly competitive revenue split.

  • No length of service contract
  • No non-compete clauses
  • Choose your own work schedule
  • Incredible overhead value with high efficiency, great facility, and supportive environment

Clinic Value

More than the Bottom Line

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic

Standard Clinic

For more information or to schedule a tour:

Ask for Dr. Michael From

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am an international medical graduate (IMG). Do you offer a sponsorship position?
  • Is the clinic physician led?

    Snowy Owl Medical Clinic is a non-franchise clinic led by Dr. Michael From. Our clinic works to provide sustainable and supportive relationships with all patients, staff, physicians, and even other clinics. We take our relationships with our physicians seriously. We work with them to provide a welcoming, transparent, sustainable, and profitable environment to further their careers.

  • How do I obtain hospital privileges and ER shifts?
  • Do you accept part-time providers?

    Yes! We want physicians to have a schedule that works for them. We can discuss arrangements to serve patients on days you are not available. Keep in mind that some patients want a full-time physician so building up a full schedule of patients for part-time providers may take longer.

  • What if I need extended time away, like a maternity leave or family sickness?

    Not a problem. Because we work on a revenue sharing agreement, you would not pay overhead while you are gone.* Our other clinic physicians or locums would work to accommodate your patients until your return.

  • Which Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system do you use?

    We use Med Access by Telus Health. It can be highly tailored to have shortcuts, macros, frequently used diagnoses, medications, bills and more. Physicians are responsible for their own billing but we will be there to support and troubleshoot for you.

  • Are there other requirements?

    Physicians  are required to be members of the Highland Primary Care Network (HPCN).

    We require our physicians to adhere to all of CPSA's guidelines.

    We require a background criminal record check before starting at the clinic.

  • I have a special medical interest. How can you support this?

    We love special interests! We will work to accommodate you with equipment (assuming reasonable costs) and other clinical changes required. We would also promote and advertise your special interests to the community.

  • What do I need to bring when I start?

    You are responsible for providing your own office computer (consider using AMA funds, if available), printer, stethoscope, and personal reference books. We provide you with office space, desk, chair, shelf, and regular office supplies. Exam rooms are stocked with standard medical supplies along with a computer and printer.

  • I am an established physician in the area and interested in switching clinics. What can you offer?

    Give us a call or stop by. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

    If you are using a Telus Health system (Wolf, Med Access, PS Suite), your charts can be transferred. Snowy Owl Medical Clinic would cover the cost of the transfer.*

Snowy Owl Medical Clinic

Unit 1, 1118 Hammond St.

PO Box 1350

Carstairs, AB, Canada